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INDCHAM Organisation


The Ambassador of India to Indonesia, The Ambassador of Indonesia to India, Mr. Sofjan Wanandi and Mr. S.P. Lohia are the chief patrons of IndCham.

Governing Authorities

  1. The Convention
  2. The Executive Board
  3. The Management Committee

Members of The Executive Board with one chairman and three members on The Management Committee are appointed by The Convention for a period of three years. The current Executive Board of IndCham is:

Executive Board and Management Committee

Mr. Marzuki Usman                  Chairman

Management Committee

Mr. Amol Titus President
Mr. Vijay Agarwal Vice President
Mr. Harbindar Singh Vice President
Mr. PK Jalan  Vice President

Committee Members

Mr. Abhishek Yadav
Mr. Kapil Agrawal
Mr. V Ravi Shankar
Mr. V. Thiyagarajan
Mr. Naresh Kumar Sharma
Mr. Mukesh Khetan

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